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Genesis Photography Logo Design


Three New name Posters

The next two are brother and sister so I wanted to make them similar!!


Baby Shower Invites

These two were a couple of favorites from the bunch!
I don't usually put nwarddesigns at the bottom but this time it was requested by the client, a dear friend who wanted to promote my business.

Compositions for Matt Moser

My friend Lisa asked me to create these for her husband as a Christmas present. Matt composed the words and took the pictures and she wanted me to make a fluent piece they could use for a wall hanging.
I have reduced the quality a bit, but wanted to show you what they looked like. One of my most favorite projects by far, I think they turned out well.


Waco Foot & Ankle... Up and Running

Click below to view their site!


Inspired to Action

This wasn't the final logo picked, but I'm just in love with it, so I am going to show you this one while we are waiting on the site to launch. Final logo coming soon.